Riding The Bang​/​Horizon

by Stuart Moxham

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I seem to have made another spoken word/short song combo.
This one's about life. Well, Life actually, in the broadest sense.
Basically I woke up the other morning and lost the, "We're the only life in the universe" blues.


Riding The Bang

When the sky is stripped away, by night,
And we are glared at by those
Countless points of light
Each one so far away from us
In time and space
I feel the isolation of the human race.

But life, so fecund,
Is a part of everything -
A teeming universe surrounds us,
Spreading thin -
Just here, endless variety exists;
On molten sulphur in deep, black
Ocean abyss

Or at the edge of space
Where tiny spiders float
The proof of omnipresence
Needs no vote
Riding the Bang time rushes by
Like TV show
Who has most toys will win the race
At time to go.

So, reaching out, like ivy tendril
In the air,
Or poet's thoughts,
Or hands of lovers
As they stare;
Cross-pollination, in effect, from life, to life,
As it's the only show in town,
Of course, is rife.

Maybe the game is just
To rejoin everything -
Making connections, bringing closer, hauling in -
'Til all the matter is
Reduced to densest nub.
From which explosion,
The inevitable rub,

Casts all apart again
And so it goes, the old in - out.
We feel alive when "le petit mort"
Removes all doubt.

So, as a man; a blessed prick,
Here's what I say:
And you can quote me, if you wish,
By night or day;

"Size doesn't matter
Short or tall, if thin or thick,
It's just a one trick-pony, yes -
But what a trick!"


I can't help wondering
What's over the next

I can't help wandering
What will I see?
Is it the sea?


released January 27, 2013
Words and music written, performed and Produced by Stuart Moxham at Marshall Section studio.
Copyright Control 2013




Stuart Moxham Shaftesbury, UK

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